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Nestling Infants

Our Nestling Infants begins at
8 weeks to 12 months old.
Weekly Tuition: $170.00

In our Nestling infant classroom, we follow a daily flow. No matter what your baby’s individual sleeping and eating schedule is, we will come together to make wonderful memories together.

We enjoy story time together, outside walks, the learning circle, sensory exploration, and creative art. We spend our days learning several songs, reading wonderful stories, and interacting with our friends and teachers. We love discovering different textures, sizes of items, and our shapes. We also enjoy learning about our weekly themes like shapes, colors, animals, and people. Our littleones are always nurtured, cuddled, loved, and adored and whenever they need something, we are there.



Sprouting Toddlers

This age group begins at
13 to 24 months old.
Weekly Tuition: $145.00

In the Sprouting Toddler classroom, we explore anything and everything that we possibly can. Our little one’s love wondering around the classroom learning by using their senses.

Our Sprouting toddlers have a daily schedule consisting of group time, outdoor play, meals and snacks, naptime, and the most important and fun time of the day, PLAYTIME! During our group time we read books about transportation, family, and kindness. We talk about our day, how we feel and what it means to be together in our bright and safe classroom. We enjoy our outdoor playtime and seeing the beautiful nature. Our weekly themes consist of exploring our homes, families, pets, and animals. Singing and playing our days away is what makes our sprouting room so special.




This age group begins at
and ends at 3 years old.
Weekly Tuition $145.00

Our Bloomers love to dance, sing, and play. We inspire them to explore the world around them and learn something from every experience.

Socialization is very important to our older toddlers as they begin to share, use their manners, and learn to take turns. In this age group we begin to count numbers and have letter recognition. We enjoy singing our daily songs to teach us about the day of the week, the month, and the year. We love diving into our art projects and seeing what we can create with an abundance of materials. We enjoy watching our teachers do exciting science projects and love to watch the students guess what will happen and to see their eyes full of surprise! Going outside and playing on the playground is a part of our everyday schedule. We also enjoy nature walks and exploring nature.

In Home

Preschool &
Pre-K Busy Bees

This Program is located at our homebased location.

We are prepping our preschoolers for Prek and Kindergarten. All children are required to be potty trained at this location. This age group starts at 3 years old and prepares the students for kindergarten. 
In this age group we focus on
our social, emotional growth, and explore who we are as beautiful, unique individuals. We learn how to work together and how to conquer objectives on our own. We enjoy writing our names, learning to read, and exploring phonics. We love extreme science projects that make us say “WOW!” and we dive into our sensory bin which helps enhance the learning theme we are studying that week. We often have guest speakers and love exploring the community to supplement our learning. We get outside often to move our bodies and strengthen our fine and gross motor muscles. This age group helps to prepare our students for the next grade which is Kindergarten. Our little ones are well on their way to a successful journey into the older ages.

Weekly Tuition:$140.00

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